The devil wears Prada

Fashion isn't just art, you live your life in it.

Peciaal voor Roos

(s)peciaal voor roosie haha, omdat ze moeite heeft met me engelse gelul en normaal al vindt dat ik twee uur in een kwartier lul, omdat ze peciaal zegt in plaats van speciaal, omdat ze moet lachen om myn lajoers in plaats van jaloers en we allebei lachen om kapopapier, omdat we altijd de grootste lol hebben en ik nu niks heb te doen, omdat roos roos is en ze heeft belooft dit te lezen, en ik heb belooft haar te slaan als ze dat niet doet, omdat ze in der broek sgijt als ik erachter kom dat ze niet heeft gekeken, en omdat ze heel goed weet dat dit allemaal niet waar is haha, omdat ik nu weer ga stoppen omdat zij wel bijloopt met haar parafen omdat ze ziekteparafen heeft en ik nu ga werken, omdat ze weet dat daar ook weer geen woord van waar is, gewoon peciaal voor roos omdat roos anders niet kan slapen van de sigaretten man, gewoon peciaal voor roos omdat niemand om dit bericht kan lachen en niemand dit bericht begrijpt, alleen roos want die weet dat ik wel vaker gekkere dingen doe.

Sister act

My brother graduated and now he wants to be a photographer, he is now on a school where he learns to be a cook and work at a hotel but he doesn't like it. So now he wants to go to this school for -something-photographie and if he wants to be entered he needs to have a portfolio of pictures he shot, and let it just be so that I really need someone else to shoot me if I want to have pics. from outdoors, well ladies and gentlemen, I just found myself a personal photographer.

Do you see what I see


Frankie goes to hollywood

Whaaaa, I was just saying I wanted the shirt mary-kate is wearing with the line: 'Frankie says Relax , don't do it 'And I found it on the net. www.retrorush.nl is selling it for 23.90 euro. I just have to figure out how to pay for it....


The shirt on the left, I want to have it!!


Don't know why I didn't call

I just made this picture for fun but I like it, it's in my room in a corner, it's an old micraphone, an old camera and an old record-player, behind it you see posters from old cars and an old magazine about cars, just wanted to show you cuz this is like how my whole room is inspired.

Just stole my bro's cam

the vest was a sweater but I cut it , I think it was H&M, the belt is vintage ( my mom ), the dress is Melrose, the Jeans Zara


The beginning of the fashion

And so it starts, yes it's official I'm addicted to blogging, it's now almost midnight, still didn't do my homework, and not quite statisfied about my blog, anyway I don't have a lot of patience I always want things right away, I'll continue the blog when I have some more inspiration and a new camera for now: Good night , sweet dreams see ya in a while ( or tomorrow:P ) xx

Wasn't I cute

Dance, got candy in my heels tonight

I did ballet for about 6.5 years and I quit. For more than one reason but the main reason was that I got my own horse and let me tell 'ya that takes a lot of time. So with dancing always being my passion, my horse is my best buddie now his name is Kane, so if I ever get to I point were I mention a Kane, it's my horse.
And yes on the second pic, those are my feet.


For now you'll have to do with pictures like this to see my style, I actually did make some pictures on wich you see what I'm wearing from head to toe. Well, I lost 'm I know it's dumb.. but I really can't find them anywhere and since my camera is broken and the one on my mobile too I only have some old pictures for you. The world hasn't come to an and I'll just post the pictures were I wear clothes that I still wear now. Like the one here with my sunglasses on and my summer dress. I really am now on the edge of what everyone is wearing and what I like to wear so I don't have my own style yet but let me tell 'ya ; It's in the making


I'm just hosting a vacation pic here so I can see if I did it right. This was in Rhodes I'm the one in the front with the ponytale and the curls.