If I can make it (T)here [ Pt. 2 ]

I figured you might wanna know how things turned out the last time I went to the stage play rehearsels. It went great, well I didn't wow the other kids. But it went way better than last time. We had to pretend like we were playing with a ball ( any ball, football, basketball ) Well I pretended to have a juggling ball, and then you had to swich balls with about 4 people and at the and you had to find your ball back. I found it in no time 'cuz I had a thing that was easy to recognize. Then we had to pretend like we were walking on hot sand, and when he ( the coach ) clapped his hands, it would be a slippery floor and then a cold floor, you get the message. That wasn't to hard. Then we sat around in a circle and we had to do that game were you start with a sentence and at the end another person had to say what it was. Only we had three story's at the same time. Then someone had to begin with making up a story and then someone else had to go on with that story and that untill everyone had told a part. I thought I would get totally nervous, but it went alright, I just let my imagination go and it was pretty funny to.
That was about it, I hope you liked it. And I have a tip for you if your dutch and you have to do the same thing I do in a play or at school or something www.devloerop.nl really helped me to get some inspiration and if it just seems funny, you should check it out ( it's in dutch though ) x

As long as I'm bored....

I am sick :( , it's pretty boring not going to school and all that. But this is the first day of my sickness and I'm gonna do everything to get better. Enough about that boringness, I bought a new phone, the LG cookie in silver. It's all touchscreen and I absolutely love it, and tatatataaaaa, it's got a camera. So watch out bloggers I'm gonna go and make some pretty pictures ( If I have time). I'm really gonna try it I swear, first of all I made a pretty picture yesterday as a header, the one I have now is with the red shirt. Anyway I made that picture because I REALLY looked like I stepped out of the fiftees in the mirror but you don't see any of that in the picture. The picture I made now is gonna be better, I hope to have it posted tonight. Right now I'm gonna watch a movie or get some sleep. See ya!


In this City

I absolutely love to watch shows like the Hills, Gossip Girl and the City. And it's not like I really love the drama and all that, I just watch it for the fashion. On the City I love love love love love how Erin looks every time she gets me sooooo inspired. For real she can't mess up anything for me. Here some fotos for an impression.


If I can make it (T)here

Last night I went to Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat. I wore my Relax shirt with a little vest and my minnetonka's. This picture was taken outside ( it was snowing so I was very cold ) so you only see my jacket, well then you know what that looks like...
Anyway it was a great show, I did expect a bit more but it was fun to watch. I've been so happy all day, singing and dooing weird dance moves haha. On my school I have a stage play I'm gonna play in. I have rehearsels every thursday, I only went twice and the last time I was so nervous, seriously I was really red and my heart was pounding so hard. Anyway I know I got it in me I'm just so damm afraid. So I said to myself, I'm gonna go tomorrow ( because I already skipped three times ) and I'm just gonna like it. You see I have to choose this year what I'm gonna do after highschool. I want to be a docter for children or an actor/singer in musicals. And if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out, but I'm gonna be strict from now on. I'm gonna go for another 4 times orso and then I may decide. So if it works out, and your reading this now, there might be a chance in about 10 years orso you can say you read my blog. Anyway if I can make it in the school play, I'll make it anywhere.......!!


I'm not messy, I'm just a teenie bit chaotic

Well this may seem like I just picked out every single item of my wardrobe and just splashed it on two chears, well you may think that but sorry I have to dissapoint you. This is actually what my room looks like on a daily base ( actually it's even more messy and my beds not made and thing are flying around the floor ) oke, you get the picture. Anyway I decided it was time to clean ( and clear ) things up. The wardrobe is about empty because well, most of it isn't in it you see.

So I might as well give you a tour through my wardrobe:

The last dress I bought it just today, it's a size 4 ( :D! ) dress by H&M. Can't wait to put it on tomorrow.