As long as I'm bored....

I am sick :( , it's pretty boring not going to school and all that. But this is the first day of my sickness and I'm gonna do everything to get better. Enough about that boringness, I bought a new phone, the LG cookie in silver. It's all touchscreen and I absolutely love it, and tatatataaaaa, it's got a camera. So watch out bloggers I'm gonna go and make some pretty pictures ( If I have time). I'm really gonna try it I swear, first of all I made a pretty picture yesterday as a header, the one I have now is with the red shirt. Anyway I made that picture because I REALLY looked like I stepped out of the fiftees in the mirror but you don't see any of that in the picture. The picture I made now is gonna be better, I hope to have it posted tonight. Right now I'm gonna watch a movie or get some sleep. See ya!

1 opmerking:

  1. wow je hebt leuke posts! ik ga je blog volgen (:
    kijk ook eens bij mij als je zin hebt!