If I can make it (T)here [ Pt. 2 ]

I figured you might wanna know how things turned out the last time I went to the stage play rehearsels. It went great, well I didn't wow the other kids. But it went way better than last time. We had to pretend like we were playing with a ball ( any ball, football, basketball ) Well I pretended to have a juggling ball, and then you had to swich balls with about 4 people and at the and you had to find your ball back. I found it in no time 'cuz I had a thing that was easy to recognize. Then we had to pretend like we were walking on hot sand, and when he ( the coach ) clapped his hands, it would be a slippery floor and then a cold floor, you get the message. That wasn't to hard. Then we sat around in a circle and we had to do that game were you start with a sentence and at the end another person had to say what it was. Only we had three story's at the same time. Then someone had to begin with making up a story and then someone else had to go on with that story and that untill everyone had told a part. I thought I would get totally nervous, but it went alright, I just let my imagination go and it was pretty funny to.
That was about it, I hope you liked it. And I have a tip for you if your dutch and you have to do the same thing I do in a play or at school or something www.devloerop.nl really helped me to get some inspiration and if it just seems funny, you should check it out ( it's in dutch though ) x

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