If I can make it (T)here

Last night I went to Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat. I wore my Relax shirt with a little vest and my minnetonka's. This picture was taken outside ( it was snowing so I was very cold ) so you only see my jacket, well then you know what that looks like...
Anyway it was a great show, I did expect a bit more but it was fun to watch. I've been so happy all day, singing and dooing weird dance moves haha. On my school I have a stage play I'm gonna play in. I have rehearsels every thursday, I only went twice and the last time I was so nervous, seriously I was really red and my heart was pounding so hard. Anyway I know I got it in me I'm just so damm afraid. So I said to myself, I'm gonna go tomorrow ( because I already skipped three times ) and I'm just gonna like it. You see I have to choose this year what I'm gonna do after highschool. I want to be a docter for children or an actor/singer in musicals. And if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out, but I'm gonna be strict from now on. I'm gonna go for another 4 times orso and then I may decide. So if it works out, and your reading this now, there might be a chance in about 10 years orso you can say you read my blog. Anyway if I can make it in the school play, I'll make it anywhere.......!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Heee,
    dankjewel voor je reactie op mijn blog!
    die van jou is ook leuk hoor (: Hoe was de voorstelling? En heel veel succes met je musical op school!


  2. I hope it works out for you! It's always hard to realize what you want to do and then go for it! but keep up the good work, and in 10 yrs, i'll be able to say that I read your blog!