Street style baby

I'm in love with what she's wearing I HAVE TO HAVE IT !
my style ! love love love vintage

They are just so inspiring, love it , chic but little rock twist

totally my style, little trashy but that's what I like, love the vintage looking look !

Just totally cool, casual but chic it would have been great with a pair of heels but it's cool

I like the accents on the shoulders

the 'heroin chic' look is just too much, I like it when people add a little twist but these people are 'twisted'

Black is the new black, you see it in the streets everywhere and it's sooooo depressing

If I can make it there [ pt 3 ]

Helleeeuuu my dear bloggers, If you didn't follow my blog ( shame on you! ) no just kidding ;) , you won't be able to follow the following text. So here's a short recap: My school's having a school play, I was in it but the first couple of times it didn't go so well so I had to decide if I was gonna stay in the play. I gave myself an ultimatum : I had to go for another 3 times and then decide. And here's where the story goes on: I'm still in the play yeah! I'm gonna play a rich spoiled kid and I love it, also I'm gonna play it with my friends so it must become fun.



a few picturez.

Waar een wil is is een weg...

YES!!, I did it, I finally pulled it off to get the photo's on my blog. Yeah!, Anyway now that I found that out I'll be blogging a lot more ( I hope ) So keep checking my blog. I recently purchused a sweater a bag and a necklace at Ilovevintage.nl. So I'm now waiting for it to arrive. Today I wore a yellow grandma sweater with grey skinny jeans, H&M shoes, a sexy dress underneath the sweater and a studs belt. I'll make a picture of that later. Right now I'm just happy I figured it out. And I promise I'll keep my blog more up to date now I swear. Unfortunately I don't have much time right now, so I have to stop for now. But it just took me so much time to figure out how to put those photo's on my computer. I hope to see ya very soon!



These are a few of my favourite things [pt 2]

If you combinate it different I could rock it, asos

floral top, so cool for summer , asos

I'm in love with this blouse, h&m

it's a really small picture but it's a woven belt, h&m

so lovely this dress, h&m
long vest, H&m
cute top only then in blue, h&m
so cool, only in different colour h&m

vest ( i've wanted it for so long ) only in different color, h&m


These are a few of my favourite things, when the dog bites, when the bee stings..

...when I'm feeling sad I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad.
Sorry, just had that song in my head. I couldn't get the photo's on the computer :(
I have a feeling this will take a while... Anyway I was just thinking about my style and I'm missing colour in my closet. I have got about 10 white T-shirts some black, some grey and about 3 % is with a print, well that has to change.
My wishlist ( sit tight it's looooong )

superman hoodie , retrorush

vintage looking striped thing, asos

zebra print tee, asos
giriffe print vest, asos

cool thing, asos
printed blouse, asos
soo cool ! , asos

blouse, h&m

I want this so bad only in white then, h&m
Part 2 coming up!! x


That's right the Shhh... tattoo, I love it. I've been wanting a tattoo for about 2 years now only I have to wait till I'm 18. I'm not allowed to have it yet, my dad said ; ' if your 18 you can do whatever the hell you want, but untill then you listen to me'. So I have to wait, well that's not so bad I mean that's only 3 years, 1 month and 9 days away. Well anyway I didn't know what kind of tattoo I wanted. But I fell in love with the shh... tattoo. Or I want a little bird on my shoulder or a sentence like 'Always in my heart' that would be for my grandmother. I don't know it yet but I think it's gonna be the little bird or the Shhh... Well there's one positive thing about waiting, I'll have enough time to decide. Oh shit I gotta go to school see ya! x


The boy does nothing

Sorry sorry sorry. Lately I've really neglegted ( I don't know how you spell it ) my blog. Anyway I've been sick alot lately and just totally busy with other stuff. And I just found out my blog has 5 followers already wow major change. I mean now I really have to start taking this serious. My vacation is over and today was a drag. I had sleep in my eyes and pain everywhere because I've been dancing too much lately so I was causing a large stop on the stairs because I stepped so slow. Anyway I just purchased some new things. A belt with studs, a new black pair of Alladin trousers and a new vest. Anyway I have been making a lot of photo's but I've got new camera's and stuff so I haven't figured out how to put the pic's on the computer. I'm gonna start on that now. See ya!