Waar een wil is is een weg...

YES!!, I did it, I finally pulled it off to get the photo's on my blog. Yeah!, Anyway now that I found that out I'll be blogging a lot more ( I hope ) So keep checking my blog. I recently purchused a sweater a bag and a necklace at Ilovevintage.nl. So I'm now waiting for it to arrive. Today I wore a yellow grandma sweater with grey skinny jeans, H&M shoes, a sexy dress underneath the sweater and a studs belt. I'll make a picture of that later. Right now I'm just happy I figured it out. And I promise I'll keep my blog more up to date now I swear. Unfortunately I don't have much time right now, so I have to stop for now. But it just took me so much time to figure out how to put those photo's on my computer. I hope to see ya very soon!


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