whaaa, I really really really need to get a job cuz.....

A I shop to much

B I shop way to much

C I don't even have my own camera so how the hell could I have a blog and update it properly when I have to fight over my brothers camera over and over

D I don't really like fighting with my brother

E I would really like my own camera

F He freakin has TWO!!!...... the nasty bastard

G And now I have to apologize because he knows the name of my blog

H I love you M

I Aaarg now I lied .... haha no just kidding

J Oh I gotta to tell you something, no I'm not talking to my brother anymore, My grans is in the hospital I hope he's ok. oh fuck I just said grans but I ment my Grandfather wow that's really such a, I don't know, big word. Let's just call it a big word like le GRAND FATHER oh I'm sorry you probably didn't know I was that crazy well anyway now you know.

K Well I just really need money to do stuff, buy stuff, throw it in the air and wave it like I just don't care

lot of love X

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