That's my dilemma

Hey hey, I'm home because I've got a lot of pain in my lower back and I gotta sit on this special thing all day so I've got time to update my blog. Oh let's do a question round about my style :

How would you describe your style?

My style is constantly changing, from the beginning of this blog I went from sweet flower dresses style, to very casual and not really thinking about what I was gonna wear, to ultimate vintage and oldies, to my style now: retro-trashy-chic. Yes I know it's not a style and maybe you have no idea what I mean by that. But it's mostly vintage meets H&M basics meets sporty. So I wear a retro T-shirt with a jeans that I cut off with white sneakers and my grans jewelry. For example. Most of the time I do wanna have a style but then I'm to busy trying to figure it out that I just put something on and think about it later. I do wanna have stuff that nobody has, if I see someone walking with the same purse I really don't like that.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration out of blogs and the streets, but also movies and tabloids. Almost everyday I check a few blogs and sites, my usual: http://www.lisaplace.devote.se/, http://www.rikauteliggare.devote.se/, http://www.kenzas.se/, http://www.lookbook.nu/, http://www.mysigt.devote.se/, if you go those sites with devote.se you can find many other blogs and find real great blogs over and over again. lookbook is also very inspiring. Oh and by the way my style is a bit of a mix betweeen those 4 devote sites.

What is your fave designer?

Marc Jacobs

Where do you buy your clothes?

I buy most of my basics at H&M and if I really see something I gotta have I also buy it, I buy my more chic stuff and dresses at Zara. I buy a lot of t-shirts at markets and at retrorush, I buy my jewelry and original stuff at doortje.nu and ilovevintage.nl. And there's also a little store in the Hague calld La Perla and that's just amazing because you don't spend much and it's all vintage.

Do you have a role model?

Nicole Sherzinger because of her amazing body and dancing skills, Polina Seminova because she's an amazing ballet dancer ( dancing is my life, I would die without it ), The olsen twins for their creative style, my mom for the way she is and despite all the drama in her life when she was growing up, she has grown from it and that has made her the most wize person that I know.

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