Oke it's not morning at all but Wha- ever. Yeah..... anywhoooooo , I'm on vacation in Eindhoven. It's not on the other end of the world or somethin it's in the south of the Netherlands, when I'm back I'll upload pictures but right now I'll just write 'cuz I forgot the whire. So it's been a bit shitty weather but this morning it was pretty hot (27 degrees Celcius). So I did a little sunbathing but right now it's shitty again ( read: it's raining dude ). But tomorrow I'm going shopping and I'm exited 'cuz I've looked up all the vintage stores and from the ones I buy on the internet and they're all in Eindhoven. Including the one where I bought the bag. Yesterday I went to some friends for an entire day and it was pretty fun, she has this little cute horse and I rode (?) it and it was really funny 'cuz I've got a really big horse so it was a huge difference. And also he's called Kaen and my horse is called Kane isn't it a funny world. Well anyway I'm now gonna go inside 'cuz it's thundering. PS: I'm eating Gyros tonight, can't wait jeej!. PPS: I don't know why I just said that PPPS: I'm making this worse, See ya we love you xx

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  1. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this Morn Creations bag