I'm in desparate need of old clothes I can pimp

A : I've got a problem
B: It involves this white blouse
C: I bought it about 6 months ago on a vintage web store and I never wore it. Not even fitted it in the morning and then hang away. O no then it would be treated way better than it is now because I never get it out of my closet. Well I was wondering to cut off the sleeves but I'm afraid I might ruin it and I did pay like 20 euros for it or even more.... HELP. Now on the other hand I;m never wearing it now so it wouldn't change that much if I ruined it. Btw I'm in a cutting-mood. I cut my joggingtrousers, my jacket ( but that got out great ), my jeans because I messed up those and now they're ok again. OMG I can go on and on.
So should I cut it or not???
(please respond Quickly... I'm ready steady with my sciccors..)

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  1. Ik zou het niet doen hoor, zonde! Je kan ook gewoon de mouwen oprollen, blousje in je broek, miscchien andere knoopjes, leuke slippertjes klaar!