Who's BAD

yeah another school year has past, a lot of things went on but now it's vacation. This is a pic made in the classroom just a little while ago I copied it from my friend's ( willo ) blog but I just like the picture and it's just good for her because I'm naming her blog again: www.whatamiwearingthisday.blogspot.com

anyway I wanted to tell you about last night because I had the best time with my best bud Roos. ( I will add a picture of us later just can't find my phone right now ) anyway we were a little bit drunk and we smoked alot, we watched footloose and we ran in her garden and jumped on the trampoline till like 4 in the morning and we only wore underwear and it was cold and a neighbear looked out of the window and we laughed so hard. She's a friend for life ! xx

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