All my troubles seemed so far away...

ok. sorry just had that in my head. Anyway so I gave in I'm not gonna cut the blouse and later on I'm posting a pic of what I'm wearing today ( the blouse uncut haha ). But right now I don't have that much time and the battery of the camera is running low. Anyway I just wanted to tell you about last night when I was at Willo's B-day. It was pretty fun, we watched TV did guitar hero, Lips and eh eh eh o right movie trivia or something and I had a brownie pie wich was delicious but I had to put the last bit away because I'm on a diet.

No eating here tonight no no no eating here tonight you're on a diet. ( Dory sings that in Finding Nemo, so everytime I say I'm on a Diet I think of Dory :p)

enough with the chit chat I'm out
see ya

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  1. leuke bloes man! niet in knippen joh. wel een foto ervan maken hoe hij staat :). i had fun too dude we love you!