Hell yeah I just got me the coolest ( but it's really warm ) winter jacket

Whaaaa I thought I'd never fall in love again, well I just did. With a jacket. It's a winter jacket from Zara and even though it's really hot outside and beach weather, I just felt like this jacket belonged to my so I had to buy it :D xxxx

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  1. heyhey..
    Uhm, nearly! But thanks, I like the pic also very much.^^
    And the jacket you were on the pictures is also great! <3

  2. nice blog!
    and in english, cool♥

    do you want to write in german, too?
    'cause i'm german.
    i can help you ^__^ :D

    greetings ♥

  3. thats great!
    my english is not very good :/

  4. Hello there :) You have a very nice blog so may I link u up and follow your blog ? By the way, I am Adira from Malaysia.

  5. Thank you new friend !:] By the way, my English is not vey good. Sorry yeah?

  6. its awesome you can totally pull it off! xx