My 111th post aniversary!!

Yeah my 111th post. Well not all of them are posted but anyway, according to my dashboard it's my 111th.Time flies!!. Anyway I got my braces off today ( I only had 3 for just one tooth a long story ) whoopi. And Horse riding went fantastic, He's such a cutie. And got a new legging from Soho, you can't really see the material but I'm in love. Also got a new black scarf. Ate a really delicious tuna sandwich. Had a flirt with a guy. Oh yeah my day couldn't be better. Well exept for the fact that it's 33 degrees outside and smoking hot. Oh and I rented Slumdog milionaire. well that's kinda it dudes. see ya! xx

4 opmerkingen:

  1. lara, echt supertoffe foto's allemaal dude. love the outfits en deze al helemaal, die schoenen zijn amazing! nieuw? lovelovelove x

  2. you haair is really pretty, and i love your outfit and your shoes are sooo coool (:

  3. Love this entire outfit (and I've got the same shoes, aren't they gorgeous?? plus, they make me feel a lot taller than I actually am)!!! x