Winter '08

O god I'm sitting at my desk and it's such a mess. Oh my god I'm going crazy I really have to clean and tidy it up. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I'm maybe gonna buy a second- hand camera from Canon tomorrow I'm meeting up with this man to see if I want to buy it. But ofcourse I've never met him so I'm taking the whole god damn family with me. I don't want to take any chances. Well maybe he's just a nerdy family man but you never know you know. So if I buy the camera I will be posting a lot more, bacause as you know ( or not ) I'm always stealing my brothers camera because I don't have one. Yes one on my mobile and that's just not good enough. And oh yeah IM LONELY all of my friends are on vacation and they weren't on vacation when I was on vacation ooooh makes me wanna go on vacation. So I'm bored and I was just looking at all my pictures I've got on my computer ( see how lonely I am ) and I bumbed into these pictures from last winter I had to laugh. My brother was just testing his camera and got a funny result. Hope you like it. And no I'm not fat it's a really big shirt from my dad :P

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  1. hey you,
    Thank you!<3 Your blog ist also great!
    Do you speak German? haha,and I can work on my Englisch. It's so bad xD