Lost myself in us

Sooooooooooooorry for the very very late post but you know, school busy.... Anyway my brother turned 18, my friend stayed over because of personal things and I'm going shoppin' this weekend. Here a few outfits, all shot in one night so I'm a bit tired and bare feet but it's about the outfits. love ya ! xx


ugh ugh ughhhum

Heeeey there you lovely peeps, I'm still sick and feeling a bit like death warmed up so still no outfit photos ( I tell ya you do NOT wanna see me right now ). And I guess I could make a photo and then later make a big black balloon out of my head but sorry not gonna happen. Anyways I can always internet and watch tv and for a moment ( about 2 weeks ) I really thought I lost my style. I thought I stuffed it in the back of my head and wasn't gonna find it ever again. Ok. so I wasn't that helpless but I really couldn't put together cool outfits anymore. Well to help me and you ( mostly me ) remind of what I like and what my style is a short recap of a few of my favourite things, looks, must haves and already haves. lot a love xx lara


Being Artsy

Heuy heuy, well I'm sorry for not posting anything lately but I'm now sick and I'm really busy with school and my horse and ballet and not to mention all the homework. But yesterday we had a cultural-things day and I just wanted to share a pic of me and my girl willi in front of the cinema :D kiss xxx ( well better not I'm sick so I'll just blow you guys a kiss )


This chick's amazing

Sorry for the late post but school is starting again and all. And to be very honoust, I'm in a casual mood since school started. So not really worth it to make a foto just sweats and jeans baby sweats and jeans. xx