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Heeeey there you lovely peeps, I'm still sick and feeling a bit like death warmed up so still no outfit photos ( I tell ya you do NOT wanna see me right now ). And I guess I could make a photo and then later make a big black balloon out of my head but sorry not gonna happen. Anyways I can always internet and watch tv and for a moment ( about 2 weeks ) I really thought I lost my style. I thought I stuffed it in the back of my head and wasn't gonna find it ever again. Ok. so I wasn't that helpless but I really couldn't put together cool outfits anymore. Well to help me and you ( mostly me ) remind of what I like and what my style is a short recap of a few of my favourite things, looks, must haves and already haves. lot a love xx lara

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  1. nice blog, you have cool style

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  2. duude i love your writing style, at least you havent lost that.
    en gister zag je er gewoon tof uit hoor! xx