Healthy ways, healthy days

Hi guys, so this is what I'm eating right now, granted it looks a little messy I'm just not good at presentation:)

Well anyway I just wanted to give you the ''recipe'' for this. I think I'm calling it ''messy sushi'' haha.

so here's how I do it;
''Messy sushi recipe''

- Put rice ( I usually do about 250 orso but I always end up with too much rice, so dunno how much is exactly right for one person )  in the pan, add water untill the water is about 1 phalange above the rice.

- Put the pan on the fire, if it's boiling put it on a low fire, and when you don't see any water anymore take it off the fire, I then wrap it in a hand towel to steam. But ofcourse this is my way of making rice, just make it your way if you like.

 While doing the rice, you can start to make what it is you on top or in your rice.

- You can use anything you want, from egg to chicken to tomatos to whatever, but I used avocado, carrot, cucumber and apple. Just slice that all up.

- Now when the rice is done, be careful it's not too hot, you take about two spoons of rice, put it in your hand and start moulding it like meatballs, but then into a''sushi shape''. Really make sure they're firm and do not fall apart.

-You make a few of those sushi shapes and then start decorating them with avocado and such, I also put cucumber in one off the sushi shapes, just take 1 spoon of rice in your hand, then cucumber and then rice agin and mould it into a little ball.

I personally liked the ones with avocado and cucumber best, they were delicious!!, and with apple it's kinda you either hate it or you love it :)

Hope you liked this post, and if you're gonna make it, report back to me haha, I'd like to know what you thought of it :)



up tothe date

This is what I got in the mail the other day, and my ultimate snow proof, without being uggs, boots :)

This is a photo of two ''body shapes''..... me is in the back and me in the future is in front :) :) here's hopin'

 This is the ever oh so fantastic miss. Rumi
 This is one of the best winter outfits I've seen
 These two are called, INCREDIBLE
 This makes me regret I cut my hair
 This is uber stylish Catherine baba, being winter-y and all
 This is not fair
 This makes me wanna buy pink sequin leggings
 This is me with my beautiful friend Roosie
 This was before party hardy

This is the dream

 This is cute
 This is the awesomest dress I've ever seen in the whole 16 years and 8 months I'm alive


Texas Tuxedooo

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey you guys, you must have been noticing I don't post a whole lot anymoree. Well first of all kinda been busy and will be fairly busy from now on. But I'm also walking around with the Idea of putting up another blog, that has more to do with photography and not so much " Hey look at what I picked out this morning" I'm thinking, more personal, but also more of everything that's on my mind. That could be what I'm drawing, what I'm watching anything. So I thought I must reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally think this whole NEW blog concept through, before starting it. 'Cuz that's the mistake I made with this blog, I so did NOT think this through at all.

So yeah for now I'll be posting a little on schoolkrijtje now and then, but do keep in mind there's a whole other, bigger and better concept in the making. So stay tuned haha.

Lottaloveeeeeeeeeeeeee xoxo




Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey all you honeys out there, I really miss the times I made pics before my vacation. If I look back now I felt so much better then. Even if you just check out my older posts, you see the further you go back the happier I look. I'm just glowing. So these pics are from that time 'cuz I just needed some glowieness haha. And well as long as things won't be looking so good I'm just gonna make my own happiness and just glow, think positive and laugh, oh how I miss laughing.

Well today my buddy Richard went by, and I gave him the blog name so I hope he'll read this and is honoured to be in this little text haha, anyway he makes me laugh so thanks fransie! I'll be blogging, posting and most of all glowing very soon again. Because even if you force a smile, you still smiled and that fake smile will turn into a real smile 'cuz it can only get better from now on.


Just bought this.

sorry for the lack of posting I just feel crap-ed up ( now there's a word you haven't heard before ) so you probably don't even wanna see me try and put on cute clothes and slap a smile on my crappy face, you don't, you reeeeeeeally don't.