Let's talk shoeeeeeeeees

My new ( well for you ) wedges from Zara!!!!!, sorry for the late post I bought them even before christmas !, well I lost the wire for my camera so that's one of the reasons I couldn't post it. OOh and about the guy I like, well he gave his number :D xxxxxx



I dunno why but I got a lot of inspiration from these pic's I can look at the first one for hours.
source: studdedhearts.blogspot.com dunno where she got them from xx

Funny eye

hahah I just wanted to show you I have funny eyes. They are blue/green and more to the center they are yellow-ish haha. Ok reason I show you this ( yes I promise there is a reason ) is because I fell off my bike with my friend and I fell on my head so it hurts pretty bad and also I bruised my hip. And now it's testweek and I can't learn so I thought let's post. Ok? we're cool??
oh and the reason I don't really post whatamIwearing-whatdoesmywardrobelooklike-whatismystyle- posts / foto's well there's not much to see as I'm still casual and the lighting in my room sucks so I'll post when it's all good again
love xxxxxxxxx

I didn't slap you I only High-fived your face

lookbook looooooovee this


New Year, New Header

Hey ya'll I did get a straightener from santa so I could make this new header with new styled hear. You like???