Bet your ass I DID NOT

I saw this great idea on Betty's blog. I've got like three giant shirts from elvis, the police and nike and I do not know how to wear them. At first I wore them with a belt. Like this police example:

But now I know how to wear it otherwise just like betty, a legging, high heals , a leather jacket and a denim jacket. And let it just so be that I have all of those things. Now you may call me a copy cat, but I think of it as, well an expanding of my creativity....
No I'm just a copycat haha.

If it suits me ok. I'll show you laterrrr XXX

3 opmerkingen:

  1. hi ^_^ thanks for following me, I am following you back =)

  2. haha. Isn't Betty fantastic??? I loveee her blog haha. I wish I had her wardrobe and french style too, but alas...

  3. haha!, it's okay to be a copy cat once in a while. who never was?