A day out with mommy, the dog and Willo's shoes

It was saturday ( I believe? ) and it wasn't raining so perfect day to go for a walk. My friend Willi and I switched shoes here you can see my wedges and on the foto's down here you can see her sneakers. Vaca is over

:( tomorrow school and I'm sooo not really happy with that haha 'cuz of my concussian that isn't over yet so alot of headaches so I can't really do much for school right now. And you may think that's great but I've had this for like 7/8 weeks and it's really not fun I'd rather be busy REALLY busy than this and oh one other thing my Best friend is moving out of town because of problems with her mum :( :( so you may get that I'm a little depressed over all of this and I didn't even tell you everything. Well anyway hope YOU had a GREAT weekend 'cuz that's just what I want for my readers :D kiss and huggies xoxo

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