Today is THE day

That I reaaaaaalllyyyyy ( ok. that's a funny really ) must clean up my room. It is a mess with a capitol M. And maybe not even a mess but it looks like WWII in there I think there has just been a bombing in there. Haha no seriously it's time to clean up big time. And another problem my wardrobe has extended so much that It doesn't fit in my closet anymore. Oh and I'm sorry for not posting foto's of me showing my outfit but it's so damn lame lately well if you really want I'll post what I mean but I can also clean up my room , clear up my head and maybe I'll have some style at the and of the day haha. But for now I'm gonna play Cinderella. xx

haha speaking of Cinderella here's me with my gurl Roos at Disney with one of Cinderella's helpers :D

3 opmerkingen:

  1. haha leuke foto=]
    is dat in disneyland? ja toch?

  2. dat zijn wij !! met onze scheve bekken hahah!
    maaaar t was zo leukk! xxxxx