OK. I just L O V E the newest trend: Urban Army

As it says in the title I'm in love with the newest trend that combines clothing with army influences and supersoft sweet items. It's only a matter of grey's , neutral's and Khaki greens and a little bit of ripped clothing, shoulder accents and blings and you've got the look. You see it in the shops alot, Zara, Asos, H&M are all doing their parts. Also it looks like it started when Rihanna came up with 'Hard' and her clothing. Only is she taking things to a whole other level. The pic's are just some Utility Chic looks and me loves.
Asos beltAsos bag

I don't own any of these pictures, but boy do they own it!


The Hurt Locker

Helleeeeeeeeeeeeeeuu, I'm so sorry my posts have been so lame lately, I just didn't feel like it. Anyway, I saw the Hurt Locker. A very good and yet very sad movie about bomb experts in Afghanistan. I bought some new things lately Oh and I figured out a new place in my room where the lighting is like waaaaaaaay better. So no more chit-chat , here some pic's :

new blouse from Zara, sorry quality is so blurry and no this is not the good lighting spot, ( as you've noticed )
But this one is, huh whatcha think? I think it's a major difference hehe, oke this is my new sweater from Gorilli from Rotterdam.
I'll show more pictures later XXXX love ya



My new fave blogger, thuh inspiration at the moment for me X



Underneath this all, I AM a true romanticic who will one day meet her true love,
I would rather spend 48 hours with my soulmate than living a whole life not knowing what true love is and knowing I will never know.

''I finally understood what true love meant... love meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own no matter how painful the choices you face might be"

I know that there are a lot of guys out there of whom you think, if we would just go to an island it will be allright, just him and me , and it would maybe work out but in the end , well.
- Life is not an island.

To light the night
To help us grow
To help us grow
It is not said
I always know

I just got a new fave film


You'll think I despise you, but when all is said and done you're still my first true love always have been always will be

heeeey y'all wow long title and no it doesn't really refer to anyone ( no willo not that guy ) just nobody doodle. ok. So I went to Rotterdam ! yeeeeeeh finally, I went to American Apparel, Gorilli and Berschka and that's about it. I did have lunch that was very great and well instead of what I normally do, I now bought just 3 pricy things instead of 8 cheap things. So I got a

* Zebra legging from American Apparel
* a Big sweater wif a monkey on it, Gorilli
* and a pair of socks with red, white and blue ( colours of the dutch flag ) at American Apparel

I also bought some less pricy stuff

* two basic tees that fall over my bottum ( haha that's a funny word ) from Berschka 1 black and 1 taupe ( isch)
* a basic long-sleeved black shirt by American Apparel in sale!! it went down from 32 to 8 euros WOW! good huh

And tonight I cooked Indonesian ( I'm kinda part Indonesian, long story ) and it turned out great it was like the third time in my life that I cooked a whole meal ( yes pathetic I know ) but it turned out great ( if I may be so free to say that it did ) oke that's it for now XX


Oh Em Jee

This is like my third post in 5 minutes but who cares, Lucy in the sky with diamonds doesn't.

outfit today 'cuz I kinda promised to show every day wear these days ( still get it? I don't )

scarf: H&M ( whoooo shocker )

blouse: Berschka

Shirt under blouse ( which you may or may not notice on this picture ): black basic H&M

Jeans legging: ehh Vero Moda

watch: The kijkshop ( jaja )

Shoes H&M

Belt with gold flowers : H& ehh I forgot the other character. lol lol lol

oke so today was a H&M daaaaaaaay I'm seurry if your disapointed XXX

Made a vow to the moon and stars

New oversized blouse H&M pailletes thingie tee also H&M, jee I'm an H&M kiddooo.

Some things I got and bought, well except for the sky that was brought to your home by God productions.