The Hurt Locker

Helleeeeeeeeeeeeeeuu, I'm so sorry my posts have been so lame lately, I just didn't feel like it. Anyway, I saw the Hurt Locker. A very good and yet very sad movie about bomb experts in Afghanistan. I bought some new things lately Oh and I figured out a new place in my room where the lighting is like waaaaaaaay better. So no more chit-chat , here some pic's :

new blouse from Zara, sorry quality is so blurry and no this is not the good lighting spot, ( as you've noticed )
But this one is, huh whatcha think? I think it's a major difference hehe, oke this is my new sweater from Gorilli from Rotterdam.
I'll show more pictures later XXXX love ya

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  1. Gáve trui,
    en voor die blauwe muur is idd beter!
    keep on rocking girl