I just thought of a great way of beginning this post and now I forget the line. Life's hard

omg man... At first I had 32 followers and now I've gone back to 31 o no ya'll are losing interest. ( I don't blame you my blog's pretty lame lately ( actually ever since it started ) haha I'm sorry for sounding so insecure but I just had a tough week / day / year actually but I'm not gonna go on tellin' everyone waddup.

Anyway I'll try to make schoolkrijtje a lil' bit more fun :) haha oke so I didn't go to Rotterdam this weekend, shitty shit shit but 'cuz mum couldn't go after all. Anyway wen't to this little paint shop where you can also mozaiek (?) but I made a little monster and painted it, they have to put on another layer and put it in the oven so it'll be ready on friday. Hoho well I began this post on sunday and the last line is from today haha X

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