OK. I just L O V E the newest trend: Urban Army

As it says in the title I'm in love with the newest trend that combines clothing with army influences and supersoft sweet items. It's only a matter of grey's , neutral's and Khaki greens and a little bit of ripped clothing, shoulder accents and blings and you've got the look. You see it in the shops alot, Zara, Asos, H&M are all doing their parts. Also it looks like it started when Rihanna came up with 'Hard' and her clothing. Only is she taking things to a whole other level. The pic's are just some Utility Chic looks and me loves.
Asos beltAsos bag

I don't own any of these pictures, but boy do they own it!

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  1. oooh hunneybun i like totally love your writing style.. can i marry it?

  2. I will ask my writingstyle, but it will probably say yes because it always had a weak for you