The diet factory

A little while ago I talked about seriously losing weight. And I seriously started yesterday. I'm drinking these weight shakes and salads for about a week just to get me started and I'm just trying to find alternatives for bread that are low-carbs.

But I swear those shakes are the most discusting thing ever. Because I'm a loctose-intolerant they are made with soy-milk ( the light version ) and well it's kinda like medicine and like gross. Anyway I'll try to post more good posts that don't suck like the last couple of ones did. Toodelooodioo time to wrap things up folks. Oh I shopped in The Hague yesterday, I'm oficially tumblr-addicted and I'm really getting the hang of cooking :D see y'all later xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Joseph Tran is great


I normally didn't really like brunettes, 'cuz I'm blond I was all blonds do it better haha. But now that I look at more beautiful pictures from women. It strikes me that what I find the most beautiful are brunettes with light eyes and not blue but light green is sooo pretty when you're a brunette like Mila Kunis. Anyway, makes me wanna be a brunette haha xoxo

ps photo's by Joseph Tran ( he's great ) xxxx


Today is the day I feel like shit

Well aren't you just a big fucking ray of sunschine today.


Why y y can't there be loveee.

I love the new Adidas originals collection, these are my favourites; a sequin and lace tee with a big Adidas mark. And the sweats that say the game of football kept us alive. Only problem is that the tee is 200 !! euros and the sweats are 85 euros, which isn't so bad. O how I wish I was a rich spoiled little brat. XOXO



Let's make it a good one then ey. So it'll be an outfit pic for old times sake haha no I mean as a goal to post more outfit pic's in the future. Well this is a funny black and white one I shot a long time ago, I should make pic's more often, especially now I've got a new camera. But I'm sick, well you know the neck and head trouble that's been fuckin' me up for moths. Pardon my french. LOVE Y'ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bit late but this was my B-day

I got a Casio portable digital camera, and well just had to test it huh. XXX



Ok. so this is a blue jumpsuit. And it's pretty tight so it's not a suit suited for jumping. haha catch my drift! Anyway I saw this in the store and thought it was a dress, so I thought well I'm not that large from the top, I'll pick a small size. Turns out it's a jumpsuit and so it's to tight haha dumb dumb dumb. But ok. now I've got a goal; To look smashy thin in this thing by the time summer has arrived. So yeah I'll start with that first thing monday, 'cuz tomorrow I'm gonna celebrate my B-day with lots of cake haha.

Oh and the photo was taken pre- fringe with the haircut. lot a love, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, well ok. enjoy your last 36 minutes of this saturday and well tomorrow the sunday then OK I'm just bla bla bla-ing here Cheerio! XOXO


The most flattering picture

Found this and laughed, my face is priceless, sorry for the posting a lot of disney pictures but it's the most recent vacation and had the time of my life, doesn't show here huh hahahaha xxxxxx

Clothing inspiration.

My style this summer is gonna be so sweet like CANDY, love candyy XXXXX


Blow out ya candles!



New Haircut baby

xoxo I'm obsessed with the kings of leon's Sex is on fire !! Day and night baby Day and night



This is so true

This is so funny

This is so the exact tattoo I want

This is so my inspiration at the moment


How I wish I was there once again

It's been 2 years since I've been on a proper vacation, which was a 8-days long holiday to Rhodes. This was like the first day or so, so I was reaaally white. Anyway I'm dieing to have a little sun again. Can't wait for bikini-time, oh and FYI my birthday is coming up !!!

YEAAAH IT'S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT TUESDAY SO THAT'S 13th OF APRIL!! haha dunno why I'm writing so big I'm just excited, 'cuz it's my sixteenth birthday jeeeeej. That means I can officially smoke, which I already do, and drink, well that's going to be fun haha.

Oh and things aren't really working with the weightloss thingie, haven't lost anything :( Well on the other hand I didn't gain neither so that's always good haha. I have been doing sit-ups and my abs have begun to show a little, finally. I already had a slightly worked-out tummy but then I fell and well the rest is history :P Anyway I biked a lot today so I am now in major butt pain haha. Can't wait to get on my bike first thing in the mornin' haha, not. Well peeps gotta go, gonna rent a movie, again haha KISSS xoxo