How I wish I was there once again

It's been 2 years since I've been on a proper vacation, which was a 8-days long holiday to Rhodes. This was like the first day or so, so I was reaaally white. Anyway I'm dieing to have a little sun again. Can't wait for bikini-time, oh and FYI my birthday is coming up !!!

YEAAAH IT'S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT TUESDAY SO THAT'S 13th OF APRIL!! haha dunno why I'm writing so big I'm just excited, 'cuz it's my sixteenth birthday jeeeeej. That means I can officially smoke, which I already do, and drink, well that's going to be fun haha.

Oh and things aren't really working with the weightloss thingie, haven't lost anything :( Well on the other hand I didn't gain neither so that's always good haha. I have been doing sit-ups and my abs have begun to show a little, finally. I already had a slightly worked-out tummy but then I fell and well the rest is history :P Anyway I biked a lot today so I am now in major butt pain haha. Can't wait to get on my bike first thing in the mornin' haha, not. Well peeps gotta go, gonna rent a movie, again haha KISSS xoxo

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely picture, i fancy the summer!

  2. Such simple yet lovely outfit =)


  3. leuke foto ! oh ik wou op dit moment ook wel op Rhodos zitten (a) xxxx