Ok. so this is a blue jumpsuit. And it's pretty tight so it's not a suit suited for jumping. haha catch my drift! Anyway I saw this in the store and thought it was a dress, so I thought well I'm not that large from the top, I'll pick a small size. Turns out it's a jumpsuit and so it's to tight haha dumb dumb dumb. But ok. now I've got a goal; To look smashy thin in this thing by the time summer has arrived. So yeah I'll start with that first thing monday, 'cuz tomorrow I'm gonna celebrate my B-day with lots of cake haha.

Oh and the photo was taken pre- fringe with the haircut. lot a love, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, well ok. enjoy your last 36 minutes of this saturday and well tomorrow the sunday then OK I'm just bla bla bla-ing here Cheerio! XOXO

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