Why couldn't we just LOSE weight by eating chocolate, life's not faaaaaaaair .

Helleuuuuuu again, it's been a while but hey you know I don't post everyday. I saw the movie Julie and Julia like 4 times these last days. Because Meryl Streep just has world's funniest voice in it and me and my dad are imitating her the whole time which is kinda really fun haha. I've also been cooking pretty much these last days, mostly Indonesian because it's so much fun and my grandma is indonesian.

But I shouldn't become this food lover , 'cuz I'm already a candy lover and that won't turn out great. In fact I wanna lose 6 kilo's in the next 6 weeks so that's like 12 pounds or so?? I dunno. Anyway so my goal is to be 6 kilo's lighter by the end of May. Hope I can do it. Of course I can haha.

Oh and I cut my own hair haha I've been to a hairdresser I think four times in my life, my mom used to cut it when I was younger and since I've been a little older I cut it myself. Cheap huh? haha Anyways I cut a bang today and I really really like it, looks bangin' haha. I'll show you a picture later. Oh and my birthday is coming up, so I'm trying to figure out what I want for a present. I keep changing my mind, whether I want a workout machine, a laptop, I-pod dokking station, a permanent straightning treatment at the hairdresser, a compact camera so I could make more photo's for my blog, uh jee I just don't know, do you have any fun ideas?

Are you doing anything fun for easter? well, with no further do, meet some gorge ladies.

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