And I know you so excited, if you bite it they won't hear

Haaaaaai haaai honeys, so here it is, my garden pic whoehoe. Because it was in the garden and not in my room, my family decided they could help. Yeeh :s . So first up was mom, she said let me take the picture that's so much easier. Well I know she meant well but they were all blurry, 'cuz she can't really see right. ( the elderly these days haha ) Anyway so I said put your glasses on , reading glasses and that says more about her personality than her eyes because she just needs normal glasses but she won't oh no , and well it didn't really make that much of a difference.

So next up was dad and he got all caried away in his new photographer role, chin up, just slightly to the side, stand up straight blah die blah die blah. Well I must say the pictures were sharp this time but the side - posed pictures were awfull !!! They made me look like big mama's big sister! and that's big, I can tell you. So that's why only one picture this time, because this was the only sharp, not fattening picture.

Well I learned a lot though,
1. I could never model, I got irritated by all the directions, 2. Always play music while making pictures, I didn't do that here , and it was really not that fun. 3. Always make pictures your way and don't let your family interfear with your blog hehe.

Over to the look, I did a wet look with my hair, not that you can see that in this picture but again that has nothing to do wif me , I'll show you some other day, 'cuz it looks pretty good on me. The top is from Gran Canaria, Bracelets I got from a friend, skirt H&M, necklace Grannie and NEW SHOES! Van Haren they are so very very painful but very very gorge :)



Te Amo.

haha huge pic of leo, but you know , I love 'm :) Everyone else is always like oeh Ronaldo or Torres or Van der Wiel ( dutch player ) now I'm not saying they're not hot, but I quite fancy lionel messi, always have, always will :)

My apologies for everyone who's not into soccer, I'll post a fashion / outfit pic'tomorrow, in the garden!!! so stay tuned.
lottalove xoxo


Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods

I need a hero! haha sorry that's from the title, it's this scene in Footloose that's really cool and I just really have that song in my head. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all the lovely comments you guys have given me lately, it just makes my day so thanks, you guys :) And also I went from 47 followers to like 79 in a little over a week! Just keep watchin', it can only get better hehe.

Well I didn't wear this outfit today but when I got home I was just trying on some outfits, and all I could think of were Footloose-type of matches. So it does look a bit farmer chic right? I've been wearing so much heels lately that I have gotten a nasty wound on my ankle ( yes a wound, not even a blister anymore , an I-could-die-wound! ok. that's a little exageraded but still. So I only put on the heels for the pic' oh how much I sacrifice for this blog haha.

I had a fun day at town with Willie, it was reaally hot so that was nice. The hat in the pic is from H&M men's, jeans H&M, black top WE, plaid shirt H&M, heels Shoe Outlet. Oeh that's a whollatta H&M here. The shirt kept peaking out so I had to tug it in all over again every single time, Anoying wif a capital A. I really should get a body so it doesn't peak out.

well that's enough peakin' for now :) lottalove.


Chic de la Freak

Buenas noches everyone, oeh I'm finally coming along with my Spanish now, it's really not that hard if you know your French and well it just happens to be so I don't, know my French haha. Now that's not totally true I do know alotta French and if I read it I can mostly make something out of it, but I'm just terrible at speaking it. Je ne parle pas francais, en fait un petit petit peu, mais c'est tres terrible hehe. No I'm good in English ( for Dutch standards haha, and pretty ok. in German ) Ok. enough about languages, I'm so sorry.

Oh! I have great news times 2!, First of all they say there's a heat wave coming up yeeeeey, that would be nice because the weather here in Holland is depressssing. So that's really awesome , the heat wave ;) because then I can go work on my tan in the garden. Oh and we also decided where we are going on vacation, to France haha so I'll have to work on my French after all, ah what the heck I'll just say I'm Spanish and talk Spanish all the time.

That makes me think of a reeaaaally funny thing! and I think only Dutch people will understand because it involves a commercial, but I'll try to explain. There's this commercial from Nuon; a Dutch soccer supporter bumps into a German supporter and leaves a stain on his shirt. So the Dutch guy asks if he can make it up to him and gives him his shirt. That's a brown shirt from Nuon but it goes orange ( the Dutch colour ) if your energie level goes up. So the German guy is in the German side of the stadium, totally going crazy and shouting Deutchland!! and because he gets so pumped up , his shirt goes orange and all the other german's are like WTF?! Well anyway if you wanna see it I guess you can look it up on Youtube.

But now's the joke; My dad and my brother were shopping in Rotterdam and some guys from Nuon were trying to sell those shirts. So the guys come up to my dad and he goes like , ( with a very funny German accent ) ''Well we are Germans, and we've seen the commercial and we do not find it funny it's really not ok''and those guys were like oh god we are so sorry sir we will just walk away now. And my dad's not German at all, he's just a clown so he shouts ''Grapje!'' which means just joking! and those guys were pissed as hell. I laughed so heard when I heard it, but my brother didn't find it funny at all, he was worried they would beat them up!. So I just wanted to share that.

I'm so sorry for wandering off like this every time, ughum great news number 2 is my mom has this leather skirt she gave to me and I'm going to take it to the tailor, to make it fitted, so I can wear it like this:

Anyway, 'bout my look of the day: I sided my hear with a little clip so I got the ''Cassie look'' without shaving a part of my head. The bracelet I got at a vintage shop and I bought that pelikan top a little while ago at H&M and finally saw my chance to wear it, skirt is also H&M, and we knooooow bout them wedges right haha

lottalove .


Hello Titty

Gooooooooood evening ? already yes, gee time goes fast. I just got back from a BBQ party at my little niece's place, she's gorge. Anyway had alotta food, way too much , but it was fun. I am tired as hell though so just a short post this time. That doesn't really matter 'cuz I've noticed the size of the ''talking'' part in posts is really increasing so a short one is just a breath of fresh air for you guys haha. I just go on and on and on don't I? hehe

Ok. the look; I made the pictures early in the morning and just happened to catch that one ray of light!! aren't I a lucky bastard since the whole day the weather was ****. the tee I tore up is from H&M, jeggings Pieces, shoes Converse All Stars, Bracelet Pasar Malam. Sorry 'bout the gum in my mouth, I don't live without !



I love you with all my butt, I was gonna say heart but my butt's bigger :)

Hello hello to another early morning, couldn't sleep AT ALL last night, I think I slept for 4 hours if I'm lucky. Bleh so I'm a little dead. Doesn't show right? Oh well I'm so good at hiding it hehe. I think I have a funny face in the second picture, speaking of a funny face, I ordered Funny Face the movie at Bol.com. It's in Paris with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, I watched it last night and I loved it.

Although it got me inspired for another look, I decided to wear the Pasar Malam trousers today. I thought if I don't wear them now I'll never wear 'm. No that's not true I'll be wearing them in the summer with flip flops and a tube top. Oeh now that I think of that that sounds awesome. And speaking of tube top, I told you I went shopping yesterday. I bought a tube top at Zara, it's really nice with black lace, and I bought a new pair of heels at Van Haren for 20 euros and they are high! sky high really even higher then the wedges. At H&M I bought a really long black skirt, I'm in love with long skirt's lately and I bought a grey top at Zara but that doesn't look good so I'll have to go back. What a shame haha.

Well I aleady told a little bit about the look, trousers from Pasar Malam ( it's an Indonesian market ), shoes Shoe Outlet, top American Apparel, belt ; I haven't got the slightest clue were that one came from, headband H&M. I was insired by Sex and the city 2 with this look. To glam up tropical stuff with heels and a belt.

And I just noticed that the pic's in my previous post were smaller then the other posts, sorry just messing around chaotic, I am.
Have a nice weekend! lottalove.



Mornin' , I was up soooo early this morning, 6:30! for no reason just couldn't sleep anymore. And I looked out the wondow and found myself very disapointed about the weather, IT'S COLD! really cold comparing to yesterday. And I can't really handle those weather changes I get sick of it, literally. Anyway I'm goin' shoppin with my mom today yeeeeey finally.

Oh and I wanted to ask you; Do you think my pictures are to small? Idunno but all the blogs I love love love have like giant pic's and they're so great , well I'll keep experimenting on that. And I am totally adicted to old music again, I have my phases haha. Now I love MJ again ( always have, nothertheless I play him all day now , lol that sounds weird, noo I love 'm ) and Madonna , old Madonna like a virgin and stuff not all the songs she recently did.

Over to the look; no Zara wedges haha , but white wedges from Greece, Jeans legging I got from Willie when she was cleaning up her room, grey top Zara, Gilet is from Street One. And I got red lipstick from my mother's niece, I love  it.

Hope you have a good one today! lottalove.


You're in the middle of the Arabian desert, If you're not having a hot flash you're dead

And so with that title let's begin, because it is HOT outside NOT normal. I'm sitting in the garden with my bikini, reading a book and I feel like I'm being grilled on a bbq. Haha other than that it was fun, got to work on my tan and that's always good.

Well I planned on going shopping with my mom, but she's kinda sick poor mommie :( So instead I'm in the garden, taking some blog-pics and I watched the Aristocats that was fun haha I totally forgot how that went so it was all new to me. You must think I'm the childish-ed 16 year old in the whole world, but there's just something about Disney movies that make you relax and forget everything around you.

Now I'm going back to tanning, o o o before I forget; the look haha
blouse; H&M oversized, Belt Zara, wedges Zara ( o gee I guess they just shout at me from my shoe reck : '' It's ok to wear us everyday, we are so comfy and look we're stylish, pick us, pick us!!! ) hehe, shorts vintage??, bracelet H&M.

hope you're enjoying the weather as much as I do hihi, lottalove .


Heeeey you guys just a heads up on why I haven't posted in a while I visited the Sofia rehabilitation center yesterday and I'm still quite tired if not ''gevloerd'' by that. So I won't post an outfit picture today, but I promise you I will do that tomorrow.

But I can still post without the pictures ( not as fun but hey ) I found Jennifer Aniston's Diet on skinnyvscurvy.com:

Breakfast: Jen enjoyed healthy smoothies. Try it: Freeze three cups of organic watermelon chunks. Blenc with two and a half cups unsweetened almond milk.

Lunch: Jen ate soup pureed with dandelion greens, spinach and arugula. Another lunch idea is not pate: Blend a zucchini, ginger, garlic clove, half a cup raw agave, half a cup uncooked soy sauce, lemon juice, cayenne and onion. Grind a cup each of pumpkin and sunflower seeds and almonds. Mix together.

Dinner: Seaweed salad revs the metabolism and may help dissolve fat deposits. Another organic option: Blend lemon juice, a garlic clove, a quarter cup olive oil and sea salt and toss with a salad of one bunch chopped parsley, a diced tomato and half a white onion, diced.

So I was very pleased with that because I LOVE HER. She is 41 and looks terrific, I'm also a big fan of Friends and I always prefered her and Joey. Anyway, I'm gonna try some of the food, hope you enjoyed .



You make my heart ache

Helloooo there, so didn't do much today except for dressing up and cleaning my room, that was a blast haha not. Oh and I watched Shark Tale haha how relaxing those movies are you can't imagine. And of course I watched the game Holland- Denmark we won!!! yeah. Only those vuvuzela's are driving me CRAZY!!!! those are the incredibly loud hornes and everyone in my street seems to have 10 or 12 lying around haha. Don't get me wrong I love soccer but we can love in quiet sometimes right? haha

Over to the look; Major white skirt from Zara, I can wear it like a dress too, I think it's my best summer-buy so far!, oh and we are getting tired of the wedges hehe > also Zara, necklace and top H&M, Bracelet ??, torn denim jacket vintage .

Hope you had a lovely day today,
lottalove xoxo


Well excuse me, mister Hotpants.

Ola mi amigos ( I've started Spanish lessons, just started so don't comment in Spanish haha, although I really have to practice more ) I just got back from the movies. I went to Robin Hood with a friend it was good but long haha really long. Well actually we didn't really go for the movie, we just talked the whole time hehe don't know how other people found that. But frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

Anyways over to the look, the wedges are Zara, jeans from H&M I cut off, the shirt is a gift from Willie ( see huney I DO WEAR IT! ) haha, and the jacket is reaaaaaaaally old from H&M seriously it's almost vintage. So that's it , Oh and I was able to control myself when it came to food today, didn't eat much yeah. O and I lost 4 kilos already!, guess that's like 8 pounds ?? I dunno . See ya tomorrow lovelies



Couldn't help myself

I just liked making the previous pic's too much so I got caried away and surprisingly very inspired. Yeey finally I threw somthing on that I thought I couldn't wear and it got out pretty funny. oh and I got a new T-shirt at the Sting's men's department, I buy alot in the men's department always have, I guess that's my trick. The plaid shirt is a good example of what I re-corrected with the beast haha ( see previous post ) I cut off the sleeves en sewed up the remaines.

And here's a photo were you can see the shirt a lil better. It made me laugh at the store haha .

what the duck? hehe


This is it, here I stand, I'm the light of the world and I feel grand

Good afternoon peeps, so here it is my first pic of the good spot in my room since I've decided to take this blog more seriously. I wore a pastel creme blazer with it that totalled the look but I was just too damn selfish to get it since I left it downstairs. Wow that was one hell of a sentence, totally incorrect and way to long but hey. So I went to lunch with my mom that was fun. And I wore my heels !! whaa major breakthrough 'cuz I almost never have heels ( I have 4 pairs though, 1 was 80! euros, never wear 'm ) and that's because I'm 5 ft 7 which I think is pretty damn tall but ok. I' ll try to wear heels more often.

And I am all about re- correcting my wardrobe. Re-correcting? yes re-correcting is what I've named it. I take a shirt and turn it into a dress. I take a boring old T-shirt, I cut off the sleeves, make the armholes bigger and it's fun again, like with a tube top under it. Anyway I borrowed the sewing machine from my aunt and I'll show you the results very soon. I am so keeping the money in my pocket ! yeah. Well that's it for now gotta go to the Physio. lottalove

And I proudly present ; THE BEAST .

It's an awfull thing that doesn't cooperate all of the time, but it's a keeper 'cuz it makes me creative and richer haha .


J'ai regrette

heeeeeeeeeeeeey I'm soo sorry did not post every day but here's my inspiration for the day, I'll post a good pic tomorrow >>> bedtime nighty night (L)



RELAX don't do it

heeeeeeeeeey y'all this is an outfit I wore this weekend, oeh boy I gotta make more ( & better ) pictures if I wanna keep on blogging everyday. Well today was nice, went to my 2 year old cutiepiehuneydropdeadgorgeous niece today and she was as cute as ever. And walked the dog, and oh yeah we are thinking about getting another dog. We've got one little one Darcy she's a corgi like the Queen of England has. And if that doesn't say much, it's like a little german shepard. Whatever google it haha. Anywaaaaas my parents were talking about getting a bigger dog to like protect the house haha. Well I know it's not gonna happen' 'cuz they say so much haha. I'll let you know how this ends though.

Enough about dog's, this is a fashion blog ( well yeah it's supposed to be hehe ) I got my wedges back from Willie and she got her nikes back so we got our own shoes again. This weekend was hot so kinda a summer outfit here. JEZUS HALLELUJA I serously gotta lose weight, but don't be lookin' at that it's about the clothes . As I said this is a fashion blog. LOL

oh and the totally lost picture of the Converses isn't really totally lost 'cuz I switched my heels for those at the last minute and thank god because I had to walk a long way .


No no no eating here tonight you're on a diet

And I am on a diet haha ( the title is from finding Nemo, watch it you'll see ) but I won't let you know how it's going till like after 14 days. 'Cuz if I weigh myself before that I get depressed so that would be next week. Anywayaas just wanted to show you what my outfit is for today and a close up to show you that I've been colouring my eyebrows lately ( just with apencil, nothing permanent ) Oh shit gotta run >> School bleeeeh