And I know you so excited, if you bite it they won't hear

Haaaaaai haaai honeys, so here it is, my garden pic whoehoe. Because it was in the garden and not in my room, my family decided they could help. Yeeh :s . So first up was mom, she said let me take the picture that's so much easier. Well I know she meant well but they were all blurry, 'cuz she can't really see right. ( the elderly these days haha ) Anyway so I said put your glasses on , reading glasses and that says more about her personality than her eyes because she just needs normal glasses but she won't oh no , and well it didn't really make that much of a difference.

So next up was dad and he got all caried away in his new photographer role, chin up, just slightly to the side, stand up straight blah die blah die blah. Well I must say the pictures were sharp this time but the side - posed pictures were awfull !!! They made me look like big mama's big sister! and that's big, I can tell you. So that's why only one picture this time, because this was the only sharp, not fattening picture.

Well I learned a lot though,
1. I could never model, I got irritated by all the directions, 2. Always play music while making pictures, I didn't do that here , and it was really not that fun. 3. Always make pictures your way and don't let your family interfear with your blog hehe.

Over to the look, I did a wet look with my hair, not that you can see that in this picture but again that has nothing to do wif me , I'll show you some other day, 'cuz it looks pretty good on me. The top is from Gran Canaria, Bracelets I got from a friend, skirt H&M, necklace Grannie and NEW SHOES! Van Haren they are so very very painful but very very gorge :)


12 opmerkingen:

  1. Wuw, die heels moeten wel killing zijn zeker !
    Though, they are awesomeeeee n_n . Die armbandjes zijn echt leuk !


  2. Wauw! echt hele mooie outfit en hele mooie schoenen! xx

  3. wauw, je ziet er echt heel mooi uit.

  4. that is an epic maxi dress, you look very etherial in it x


  5. You're gorgeous! I love this dress!! ♥

  6. mooie outfit!! past je perfect!

    I'm doing a giveaway, maybe you want te enter? http://lafillebacksurleweb.blogspot.com/2010/06/give-away.html

  7. niceee, you look awesome
    and i got the same shoes, in grey. jeeej : ) xxxx