Couldn't help myself

I just liked making the previous pic's too much so I got caried away and surprisingly very inspired. Yeey finally I threw somthing on that I thought I couldn't wear and it got out pretty funny. oh and I got a new T-shirt at the Sting's men's department, I buy alot in the men's department always have, I guess that's my trick. The plaid shirt is a good example of what I re-corrected with the beast haha ( see previous post ) I cut off the sleeves en sewed up the remaines.

And here's a photo were you can see the shirt a lil better. It made me laugh at the store haha .

what the duck? hehe


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Jaa idd je verandert echt als je zo'n bril opzet. in vind je outfit echt leuk!


  2. woeeei i like it babes, your previous post was awesome toooo : )) lottalove

  3. Leuk! En ik hou echt van een kledingrijk in je kamer, maar helaas is mijn kamer daar veel te klein voor.