RELAX don't do it

heeeeeeeeeey y'all this is an outfit I wore this weekend, oeh boy I gotta make more ( & better ) pictures if I wanna keep on blogging everyday. Well today was nice, went to my 2 year old cutiepiehuneydropdeadgorgeous niece today and she was as cute as ever. And walked the dog, and oh yeah we are thinking about getting another dog. We've got one little one Darcy she's a corgi like the Queen of England has. And if that doesn't say much, it's like a little german shepard. Whatever google it haha. Anywaaaaas my parents were talking about getting a bigger dog to like protect the house haha. Well I know it's not gonna happen' 'cuz they say so much haha. I'll let you know how this ends though.

Enough about dog's, this is a fashion blog ( well yeah it's supposed to be hehe ) I got my wedges back from Willie and she got her nikes back so we got our own shoes again. This weekend was hot so kinda a summer outfit here. JEZUS HALLELUJA I serously gotta lose weight, but don't be lookin' at that it's about the clothes . As I said this is a fashion blog. LOL

oh and the totally lost picture of the Converses isn't really totally lost 'cuz I switched my heels for those at the last minute and thank god because I had to walk a long way .

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