Te Amo.

haha huge pic of leo, but you know , I love 'm :) Everyone else is always like oeh Ronaldo or Torres or Van der Wiel ( dutch player ) now I'm not saying they're not hot, but I quite fancy lionel messi, always have, always will :)

My apologies for everyone who's not into soccer, I'll post a fashion / outfit pic'tomorrow, in the garden!!! so stay tuned.
lottalove xoxo

5 opmerkingen:

  1. haha, hij heeft zo iets schattigs !
    & dankjewel voor het compliment !

  2. I prefer Cristiano Ronaldo, it's better for me. I love your blog, is original and different. I follow you, if you can drop by my blog and tell me what you think. Xoxo :)