This is it, here I stand, I'm the light of the world and I feel grand

Good afternoon peeps, so here it is my first pic of the good spot in my room since I've decided to take this blog more seriously. I wore a pastel creme blazer with it that totalled the look but I was just too damn selfish to get it since I left it downstairs. Wow that was one hell of a sentence, totally incorrect and way to long but hey. So I went to lunch with my mom that was fun. And I wore my heels !! whaa major breakthrough 'cuz I almost never have heels ( I have 4 pairs though, 1 was 80! euros, never wear 'm ) and that's because I'm 5 ft 7 which I think is pretty damn tall but ok. I' ll try to wear heels more often.

And I am all about re- correcting my wardrobe. Re-correcting? yes re-correcting is what I've named it. I take a shirt and turn it into a dress. I take a boring old T-shirt, I cut off the sleeves, make the armholes bigger and it's fun again, like with a tube top under it. Anyway I borrowed the sewing machine from my aunt and I'll show you the results very soon. I am so keeping the money in my pocket ! yeah. Well that's it for now gotta go to the Physio. lottalove

And I proudly present ; THE BEAST .

It's an awfull thing that doesn't cooperate all of the time, but it's a keeper 'cuz it makes me creative and richer haha .

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  1. Very cute outfit! I love the neutrals you've put all together. :)

    Thanks for the comment and blog visit!