Mornin' , I was up soooo early this morning, 6:30! for no reason just couldn't sleep anymore. And I looked out the wondow and found myself very disapointed about the weather, IT'S COLD! really cold comparing to yesterday. And I can't really handle those weather changes I get sick of it, literally. Anyway I'm goin' shoppin with my mom today yeeeeey finally.

Oh and I wanted to ask you; Do you think my pictures are to small? Idunno but all the blogs I love love love have like giant pic's and they're so great , well I'll keep experimenting on that. And I am totally adicted to old music again, I have my phases haha. Now I love MJ again ( always have, nothertheless I play him all day now , lol that sounds weird, noo I love 'm ) and Madonna , old Madonna like a virgin and stuff not all the songs she recently did.

Over to the look; no Zara wedges haha , but white wedges from Greece, Jeans legging I got from Willie when she was cleaning up her room, grey top Zara, Gilet is from Street One. And I got red lipstick from my mother's niece, I love  it.

Hope you have a good one today! lottalove.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. cool pictures!
    lovely outfit

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    Which is ending soon http://bit.ly/apXpVm

  2. lovely babe! veel plezier met shoppen : )

  3. Superoutfit! Ik vind het echt leuk hoe je dat moet met die fotoootjes naast elkaar ;D

  4. super leuke outfit ! en leuke kleur op de meuren !
    ik denk dat je foto's /outfits wel iets beter uit komen als je ze groter maakt :)

  5. Haha dankje ja ik vind hem zelf ook erg leuk!
    Wauw leuke blog heb je =)