Well excuse me, mister Hotpants.

Ola mi amigos ( I've started Spanish lessons, just started so don't comment in Spanish haha, although I really have to practice more ) I just got back from the movies. I went to Robin Hood with a friend it was good but long haha really long. Well actually we didn't really go for the movie, we just talked the whole time hehe don't know how other people found that. But frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

Anyways over to the look, the wedges are Zara, jeans from H&M I cut off, the shirt is a gift from Willie ( see huney I DO WEAR IT! ) haha, and the jacket is reaaaaaaaally old from H&M seriously it's almost vintage. So that's it , Oh and I was able to control myself when it came to food today, didn't eat much yeah. O and I lost 4 kilos already!, guess that's like 8 pounds ?? I dunno . See ya tomorrow lovelies


6 opmerkingen:

  1. echt een hele leuke outfit ! en heel leuk gecombineerd

  2. Oehw leuke schoenen!
    Haha en indd. balen,
    ach I'll see!
    Ik hoop op het beste natuurlijk!
    &Bedankt voor je complimentje :)