Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods

I need a hero! haha sorry that's from the title, it's this scene in Footloose that's really cool and I just really have that song in my head. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all the lovely comments you guys have given me lately, it just makes my day so thanks, you guys :) And also I went from 47 followers to like 79 in a little over a week! Just keep watchin', it can only get better hehe.

Well I didn't wear this outfit today but when I got home I was just trying on some outfits, and all I could think of were Footloose-type of matches. So it does look a bit farmer chic right? I've been wearing so much heels lately that I have gotten a nasty wound on my ankle ( yes a wound, not even a blister anymore , an I-could-die-wound! ok. that's a little exageraded but still. So I only put on the heels for the pic' oh how much I sacrifice for this blog haha.

I had a fun day at town with Willie, it was reaally hot so that was nice. The hat in the pic is from H&M men's, jeans H&M, black top WE, plaid shirt H&M, heels Shoe Outlet. Oeh that's a whollatta H&M here. The shirt kept peaking out so I had to tug it in all over again every single time, Anoying wif a capital A. I really should get a body so it doesn't peak out.

well that's enough peakin' for now :) lottalove.

15 opmerkingen:

  1. don't you just love plaid? i like the outfit with the heels! nice contrast with the menswear pieces.

  2. haha, an I-could-die-wound lovely word ;D

  3. hey bedankt om mn blog te volgen! me likes yours too !!
    je nieuwe volger

  4. Ah die blouse is echt gorgeous ♥ !


  5. leuk blousje !
    & dat tekstje bovenaan je blog is echt heel mooi !

  6. Heel erg leuke blog!

    With love, Jenny


  7. haha jij schrijft zo leuk. en je ziet er weer leuk uit :)!

  8. Fun and Gurly :-D

    Like that about u!

  9. You look so good in plaid! Great outfit! ♥

  10. leuk outfit!:D