You're in the middle of the Arabian desert, If you're not having a hot flash you're dead

And so with that title let's begin, because it is HOT outside NOT normal. I'm sitting in the garden with my bikini, reading a book and I feel like I'm being grilled on a bbq. Haha other than that it was fun, got to work on my tan and that's always good.

Well I planned on going shopping with my mom, but she's kinda sick poor mommie :( So instead I'm in the garden, taking some blog-pics and I watched the Aristocats that was fun haha I totally forgot how that went so it was all new to me. You must think I'm the childish-ed 16 year old in the whole world, but there's just something about Disney movies that make you relax and forget everything around you.

Now I'm going back to tanning, o o o before I forget; the look haha
blouse; H&M oversized, Belt Zara, wedges Zara ( o gee I guess they just shout at me from my shoe reck : '' It's ok to wear us everyday, we are so comfy and look we're stylish, pick us, pick us!!! ) hehe, shorts vintage??, bracelet H&M.

hope you're enjoying the weather as much as I do hihi, lottalove .

8 opmerkingen:

  1. very nice. i like the black boots.


  2. Wat een super mooie outfit! Vooral je laarsjes!
    Je hebt echt een hele leuke stijl en blog.
    elkaar volgen? Ik volg je!

  3. nice white blouse! I've been shopping around for a new one seeing as the one I have is ill fitted, stained and has been around since I was in 7th grade lol. Cute outfit!

  4. Hee! Haha ja, dat ben ik op de 1e foto met die zonnebril! :)

  5. I love the flowiness of the top! very casual chic!


  6. Wuw. I love this outfit n_n !
    Je blog is super, alle outfits
    zijn gewoon leuk ! Definetly
    a follower hihi.