"Hello Ross, this is Dr. McNealy from the Fake Accent University. We'd like you to come on board with us full time"

Well huneybees I don't feel too good today I'm sick :(

So I got into my sweats this morning, had a shake, watched the rest of Alice in Wonderland ( it's awesome btw , a whole other world ) and came to the conclusion that while doing this all I feel rotten. My neck and back hurt like hell and I'm dizzy, nauseous and have got a headache like I've never had before. So magically I managed to make it upstairs again, open my computer and find another set of pic's I haven't uploaded yet. So here it is, something I wore about three weeks ago when it was fine weather in the land of Holland.

I'm wearing a Zara dress/skirt, a very old ( practically vintage ) H&M jacket, and some flip flops, sunglasses and bracelets, but I don't have the power to remind where they came from.

well I'm going to bed maybe I'll feel better later on, ciao ciao xxxx


It's raining rain, halleluja, it's raining rain oh rain! haha

Hi huneys, hahah I'm under the spell of rain, I dunno why but it makes me happy. I could sing a million rain songs for you right now but I won't , oke a few.

Raindrops keep fallin on my head, they keep fallin'
Oh baby it's raining rainingg  oeh baby it's raining come in with me come in with me
Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams, let it wash away my sanity
Rain, feel it on my fingertips, hear it on my window pane
But just know I'm right here hoping, that you'll come in with the rain

Oke oke I'll stop hehe, but do u know the songs? I've said that before that my brain is like 80 percent song lyrics and it's true. It scares me sometimes how much I know haha. Anyway enough with the bloody rain already, well I'm wearing the boots 'cuz they're great for rainstamping and yes I will wear a coat for outside. But I just loved this combo and even when there's no sun I love how the sunglasses made it all hippie :)
the look; blouse Zara, shorts H&M, bag Invito, boots Van Haren, bracelets and sunglasses H&M .

oh and the ballet shoes I put on my bed every day is because I have to remind my mummy to hang them up. So don't think I sleep with the shoes or somethin' haha if only your imagination would go that far, I'm just sayin'



Laid back raindrops

Goooood afternoon , night?! jeeeee time goes fast, anyway I took the pic's this mornin' when the weather was still quite nice. Now it's just raining and bleh. Now bleh is not true, I actually quite like rain and this look would look great with a leather jacket, so that's what I put on when I walked the dog. Anyway I don't like the grey sky it's depressing :( well luckily I'm in a good mood today haha.

So the pic's today are sharp yeeeey. It's difficult to pull that together with my camera, it's an old second hand Canon, so I guess with Canon you can but it just takes an half hour :)

bout the look; top plus maxi skirt H&M, belt I haven't got a clueeee, slippers H&M, bracelet H&M oooh boring even my underwear is H&M whahahhahaha oke that made me lol. I'm sorry for the H&M overload hope you'll survive.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Hey hey hey, well I'm still not feeling to well, but I just put on my make-up and pretended I was feeling on top of the world, while actually I feel like crap hehe. Anywho today was HOT out, I didn't really like it, 'cuz my room is in the attic so it's like -can't breathe it's so warm- up here. But I gotta suck it up. Well I felt like a hippie today, yesterday I felt like really classic and today it was Yoooo Duuuuude haha. But still with the same jeans, that's funny that it can look so different.

Oh that reminds me I got the Instyle magazine with Dannii Minogue on the cover and there's a topic on how to style a skirt for night and day and I found that very inspirational and cute.

Anyway it's late so about the look; headband H&M, top H&M I cut it, shorts we know, shoes Sascha, yeah they not real, I was gonna get the real ones and they sold out, so I walked by the Sascha and they were 20 euros cheaper and I think they are good fakies, sometimes you see ones and you go Oeh! that's fake, but I didn't have that with these ones, so I thought I'm goooood.

Sorry that the pic's aren't sharp, I promise they will be next time.

Love you long timeee xxx


Lookin' leggy wif my baggy

Hellooooooooooooooooo honeybee's, gosh those two weeks went by fast, missed me? haha. Well I missed blogging for sure, it's not only plainly putting my outfits out there, but when I make these photos I feel like you know, I gotta step it up haha. So I end up with pretty cool outfits ( as to a comfy something ) so the photo making is moslty inspirational to me. I put up good music and have fun with my wardrobe. Now on school days, I can't just put my music up on 7 in the morning, because I need inspiration haha so I put on my I-pod.

I was in the Jura for vacation, had lovely weather and there were a lot of pretty lakes, so unbelievably blue :o Well not everything went according to plan, my grandpa was rushed into the hospital while we were on vacation, so my dad went back after just a few days. So it was just the three of us, but we're kinda used to that 'cuz my dad works alot. But that wasn't fun I missed my daddy, he's like a joke-machine when we're on vacation and I always get back with abs (!) because I laugh so hard haha.

Bout the look; top is H&M, the shorts I cut , rememmmmmberr ? heels Van Haren. Surprisingly I managed  to walk normally in the heels, when I first got them I walked like I got utterly gazebo'd haha.

see you tomorrow lottalovee xxxxx



HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY y'all oke, so this is the very last post before I'm going on vacation to France, so I'll just leave you with a whole lotta summer inspiration pic's so you can last for two weeks hehe. So I won't be at home to watch how Holland is doing at the world cup, I'm just praying they will get in the final and win that motherfuckin' world cup haha. They will they will they will they must. Okeeeee I am off honeys have a nice one!!!!! 

I've cut out a smiley in one of my tee's too, I'll show you when I get back.
F*ck I have sooooo much of this crap on my computer, I just save every picture I like on the net, so I don't own anything, these things ( a.k.a. crap ) just inspire me (:

LOL lottalove haha xoxo