Bohemian Rhapsody

Hey hey hey, well I'm still not feeling to well, but I just put on my make-up and pretended I was feeling on top of the world, while actually I feel like crap hehe. Anywho today was HOT out, I didn't really like it, 'cuz my room is in the attic so it's like -can't breathe it's so warm- up here. But I gotta suck it up. Well I felt like a hippie today, yesterday I felt like really classic and today it was Yoooo Duuuuude haha. But still with the same jeans, that's funny that it can look so different.

Oh that reminds me I got the Instyle magazine with Dannii Minogue on the cover and there's a topic on how to style a skirt for night and day and I found that very inspirational and cute.

Anyway it's late so about the look; headband H&M, top H&M I cut it, shorts we know, shoes Sascha, yeah they not real, I was gonna get the real ones and they sold out, so I walked by the Sascha and they were 20 euros cheaper and I think they are good fakies, sometimes you see ones and you go Oeh! that's fake, but I didn't have that with these ones, so I thought I'm goooood.

Sorry that the pic's aren't sharp, I promise they will be next time.

Love you long timeee xxx

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Luv the way u play with clothes


  2. Aw your beautiful-love the shorts!!

    cheers, Jesa