"Hello Ross, this is Dr. McNealy from the Fake Accent University. We'd like you to come on board with us full time"

Well huneybees I don't feel too good today I'm sick :(

So I got into my sweats this morning, had a shake, watched the rest of Alice in Wonderland ( it's awesome btw , a whole other world ) and came to the conclusion that while doing this all I feel rotten. My neck and back hurt like hell and I'm dizzy, nauseous and have got a headache like I've never had before. So magically I managed to make it upstairs again, open my computer and find another set of pic's I haven't uploaded yet. So here it is, something I wore about three weeks ago when it was fine weather in the land of Holland.

I'm wearing a Zara dress/skirt, a very old ( practically vintage ) H&M jacket, and some flip flops, sunglasses and bracelets, but I don't have the power to remind where they came from.

well I'm going to bed maybe I'll feel better later on, ciao ciao xxxx

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Love your dress!!!
    btw, Im hosting a giveaway on my blog, thought maybe you'd like to join. :)


  2. ah :( hoop dat je je snel beter voelt.
    ik moest wel lachen om de titel, haha friends ftw!

  3. i love your dress and i hope you get better!


  4. Great post, I love that room ! & feel better

    145thandchloe.blogspot.com/ I know you'll love it. xoxo

  5. Ziet er super mooi uit, love your blog!!

  6. Ah je ziet er weer echt geweldig uit ö ! Jouw haar is zo mooi, echt leuk zo die krullen !

    ''Hello Ross, this is McNealy .. '' Hahaha geweldig, ik heb 'm laatst nog gezien. Ik lach helemaal dubbel x) !

    Oja, ik hoop dat je je snel weer beter voelt ♥ !


  7. Cool outfit, your room's kinda cool you know! I've always loved a bedroom in the attic. You get to see the stars from the high window?

  8. thanks! I'm thinking about re-painting my room though in a soft/old pink, or beige tones and maybe soft turquose. Idunno yet. But thanks yeah the stars and the moon are great, I watch them when I can't sleep xoxo