Laid back raindrops

Goooood afternoon , night?! jeeeee time goes fast, anyway I took the pic's this mornin' when the weather was still quite nice. Now it's just raining and bleh. Now bleh is not true, I actually quite like rain and this look would look great with a leather jacket, so that's what I put on when I walked the dog. Anyway I don't like the grey sky it's depressing :( well luckily I'm in a good mood today haha.

So the pic's today are sharp yeeeey. It's difficult to pull that together with my camera, it's an old second hand Canon, so I guess with Canon you can but it just takes an half hour :)

bout the look; top plus maxi skirt H&M, belt I haven't got a clueeee, slippers H&M, bracelet H&M oooh boring even my underwear is H&M whahahhahaha oke that made me lol. I'm sorry for the H&M overload hope you'll survive.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Love th outfit!

    Love the top :)

    I've given you a blog award,check out my page!

  2. i love your hair! and the belt! you have an awesome blog sassy sister!
    ps- i'm following you now! you should follow me :D

  3. j'adore ton look, et très jolies photos

  4. i love your long skirt and your room looks cool too!


  5. really nice outfit ;) I want to waer some skirts I bought last week but the weather doesn't allow me to do it!! :S
    great style


  6. leuke outfit meid!! en mooie kamer heb je ook!