Lookin' leggy wif my baggy

Hellooooooooooooooooo honeybee's, gosh those two weeks went by fast, missed me? haha. Well I missed blogging for sure, it's not only plainly putting my outfits out there, but when I make these photos I feel like you know, I gotta step it up haha. So I end up with pretty cool outfits ( as to a comfy something ) so the photo making is moslty inspirational to me. I put up good music and have fun with my wardrobe. Now on school days, I can't just put my music up on 7 in the morning, because I need inspiration haha so I put on my I-pod.

I was in the Jura for vacation, had lovely weather and there were a lot of pretty lakes, so unbelievably blue :o Well not everything went according to plan, my grandpa was rushed into the hospital while we were on vacation, so my dad went back after just a few days. So it was just the three of us, but we're kinda used to that 'cuz my dad works alot. But that wasn't fun I missed my daddy, he's like a joke-machine when we're on vacation and I always get back with abs (!) because I laugh so hard haha.

Bout the look; top is H&M, the shorts I cut , rememmmmmberr ? heels Van Haren. Surprisingly I managed  to walk normally in the heels, when I first got them I walked like I got utterly gazebo'd haha.

see you tomorrow lottalovee xxxxx

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely outfit i love th top and the heels!

  2. Hello, I loved the shoes, they make u look perfect.

    LOVE, XX

  3. Er leuke outfit, super mooie shorts heb je aan! Je kamer ziet er ook leuk uit, zo ruim :), oke raar misschien maar dat viel me erg op :).