Jeepers creepers

These pics are from while ago when a was a little thinner, so I'm going on a diet again. But this time I'm gonna do it the right way, it's actually not a diet but a way of living. So it will take longer to lose the weight, but hopefully it will stay off for longer then.

OMG I forgot to say hey! so Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey you guys haha, anyway I'm really busy with re-doing my clothes I'm sewing patches on and I'm trying to learn how to knit. But I'm also in a recovering process, so everything is going really slow but that's oke because it was about time I took some rest. Anyway, reason for lack of posts: healthety first! haha no it's health of course.

What I'm wearing; necklace H&M, shirt H&M, leggings H&M, shoes Sacha, glasses H&M men's, bracelet H&M.

That's also the reason I'm re-doing my wardrobe ; I have too much H&M, so I started shopping at COS more and I got my vintage obsession back again yeey haha. Oh my number 1 wannahave: vintage men-pants like Frida has on.

lottaloveeee xx



Gorgeous Frida Gustavsson.

Santa Fe

 Haaaaaaaai huneys, just a short one really I don't have any good stuff to tell you and I should reaaaaaally clean up my room it's like a bomb exploded in here.

Wearing; white tee H&M, poncho Idunno, leather skirt is my moms ( I'm going to have it taken in ) , shoes H&M, bracelet made myself


For sale for real. Te koop echt waar :)

Hey guys I cleaned out my wardrobe and I'm selling a couple things, I already have a few on marktplaats.nl, but there's just so much clothes on there that my items were on page 21 by the next day. So I'm gonna try it here haha . We kan negotiate over the price, oh and for the international peeps, sorry guys but shipping costs are on you, or else I would lose money :)

Even in het nederlands, ik heb m'n kast opgeruimd en ik ga een paar dingen verkopen. Heb er al een aantal op marktplaats, maar daar staan zoveel dingen dat ik na twee dagen zag dat m'n advertenties al op pagina 21 stonden. Dus probeer ik het maar zo, voor de nederlandies onder ons is de prijs inclusief verzendkosten, internationale mensjes moeten verzendkosten betalen anders loop ik derop leeg haha. :)

 Item numero 1.

Floral dress with alotta layers, bought it in a little boutique so no familiar brand. Well if you wanna know, the card says J&S Millenium but I don't think that says anything to you.
size M
you can tug the straps in so it's a strapless dress or leave them out.
never ever worn, in perfect shape and costs 20 euros.

 Item numero 2.

Not your typical LBD, it's H&M. Worn once, still in perfect condition of course.
Nice little details with round studs, also on the shoulder.
Not figure hugging, kind of T-shirt-ish model haha. size 38 ( eur ) that's about size M , but it falls really loose, so you can wear it at any size, just if your smaller it will be oversized and if you're a little bigger it will be more tight of course, you do the math. costs; 16 euros.


English motherfucker do you speak it?

Hey you guys day at the spa was amazing really relaxing, but unfortunately I came home to find myself in a depressing talk about school with my parents. Kinda turns out I will not be able to start school properly ( I knew that before, but now it's just come so close to that point that it actually hit me that I am sick for real) So I have to look at the options I have of changing schools, dropping subjects, not going to school at all, being home-schooled, try to work it out on a regular school or going to a private school and honestly... I haven't got the slightest clue of what I should do.

I said to my dad if I were home-schooled I'd really miss people of my age and just be totally isolated, and I asked him if he would give that all up if he were 16. And he said those were different times, he said if my parents told me I would be home-schooled by tomorrow I would agree, no discussion no say. So I guess I'm lucky I still have a choice. Ha! am I really saying I'm lucky? I will never get to be what I want ; doctor because I will probably drop a level which is havo ( if I can even do that ) I'm going to be unlike anyone of my age for about three or four years ( because that will be how long it will take to finish school if I only do 3 subjects a year ) I won't have a job, go out, have a lot of friends ( 'cuz oh how I've learned people let you down! ) or doing anything that's nearly normal to your typical 16-year old. 

So that makes me...what? A weirdo, an outsider a creep? Well it actually doesn't make me anything, I'm just the same old girl with the same passion for clothes, who still loves the boys, who can't wait to go out, who loves to be surrounded by friends and loves to laugh. Too bad people are too busy with their own little lives and I get that, I mean I'm the friend you can't go out with or talk too loud to or else she will get a headache, but no matter how you twist and turn people love themselves more than they love you. Just too bad I already had to find out by the time I was sixteen.

But at the same time all things are relative, look at the disaster flooding in Pakistan, I mean I still have my house, my mom, my dad, my brother. And even if I didn't have a house, I would still have those three people, and I know they love me, maybe even more than they love themselves. And that i guess makes me the luckiest girl in the world. 


You win some, you lose some

Yuck what a day, rain rain rain coming down around here, pain pain pain in my neck and my head. Hey I just figured rain rhymes wif pain hehe. Ok but really I felt like shitterdyshitshit and then a package came in today and it was my new sweater which I bought from the great Naketano giveaway from lovely Irene. Thanks so much again!

The fabric is lovely and reaaaally soft, it's a cuddle up sweater and on the site I figured it was a sporty sweater for late nights, but I think I can wear it and still make a fashion statement. Like with a twirly skirt and basic shoes, hear in a knot and pretty lips. Or with harem pants, great pair of heels also hair in a knot and a big clutch or just the way I'm wearing it in the pic,nice and laid back. Haha imagination gone wild lol.

Oh! and tomorrow's gonna be the best day I'm going to a spa and they have like 34 different sauna's and I'm getting a facial and a massage and a Rasul and oh can't wait! tell ya all about it laters.

gee almost forgot :o  I'm wearin' a H&M maxi skirt, converse all stars white duh, and my new Naketano sweater.
lottalottalovee xoxo



Maybe a smile will cure me.

Hey you guys I just found these pics on my pc, they were from the time it was really sunny ( long time ago haha ) anyway I'm still not doing too well, for the peeps just tuning in; I have a whiplash from an accident and it's not going so well now. But I still try to smile through all the misery, though that's hard so I'm not really looking too good neather maybe I'll post a look tomorrow from what I wear when it's rainy. But I just wanted a sunny post, ugh I'm so tired I'm positive this post won't be in perfect English and maybe a wee bit confusing. I don't care it's about the pics.

wearing a new dress from French market, bag is from Rhodes, shoes conversies, jewelsss H&M .

lottalove xxx