For sale for real. Te koop echt waar :)

Hey guys I cleaned out my wardrobe and I'm selling a couple things, I already have a few on marktplaats.nl, but there's just so much clothes on there that my items were on page 21 by the next day. So I'm gonna try it here haha . We kan negotiate over the price, oh and for the international peeps, sorry guys but shipping costs are on you, or else I would lose money :)

Even in het nederlands, ik heb m'n kast opgeruimd en ik ga een paar dingen verkopen. Heb er al een aantal op marktplaats, maar daar staan zoveel dingen dat ik na twee dagen zag dat m'n advertenties al op pagina 21 stonden. Dus probeer ik het maar zo, voor de nederlandies onder ons is de prijs inclusief verzendkosten, internationale mensjes moeten verzendkosten betalen anders loop ik derop leeg haha. :)

 Item numero 1.

Floral dress with alotta layers, bought it in a little boutique so no familiar brand. Well if you wanna know, the card says J&S Millenium but I don't think that says anything to you.
size M
you can tug the straps in so it's a strapless dress or leave them out.
never ever worn, in perfect shape and costs 20 euros.

 Item numero 2.

Not your typical LBD, it's H&M. Worn once, still in perfect condition of course.
Nice little details with round studs, also on the shoulder.
Not figure hugging, kind of T-shirt-ish model haha. size 38 ( eur ) that's about size M , but it falls really loose, so you can wear it at any size, just if your smaller it will be oversized and if you're a little bigger it will be more tight of course, you do the math. costs; 16 euros.

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  1. Dat eerste jurkje is echt leuk! Alleen hij is veel te groot voor mij ..