Maybe a smile will cure me.

Hey you guys I just found these pics on my pc, they were from the time it was really sunny ( long time ago haha ) anyway I'm still not doing too well, for the peeps just tuning in; I have a whiplash from an accident and it's not going so well now. But I still try to smile through all the misery, though that's hard so I'm not really looking too good neather maybe I'll post a look tomorrow from what I wear when it's rainy. But I just wanted a sunny post, ugh I'm so tired I'm positive this post won't be in perfect English and maybe a wee bit confusing. I don't care it's about the pics.

wearing a new dress from French market, bag is from Rhodes, shoes conversies, jewelsss H&M .

lottalove xxx

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hiii! Leuke foto's + outfit! Ik hoop dat 't snel weer beter met je gaat!! xx

  2. great dress!