You win some, you lose some

Yuck what a day, rain rain rain coming down around here, pain pain pain in my neck and my head. Hey I just figured rain rhymes wif pain hehe. Ok but really I felt like shitterdyshitshit and then a package came in today and it was my new sweater which I bought from the great Naketano giveaway from lovely Irene. Thanks so much again!

The fabric is lovely and reaaaally soft, it's a cuddle up sweater and on the site I figured it was a sporty sweater for late nights, but I think I can wear it and still make a fashion statement. Like with a twirly skirt and basic shoes, hear in a knot and pretty lips. Or with harem pants, great pair of heels also hair in a knot and a big clutch or just the way I'm wearing it in the pic,nice and laid back. Haha imagination gone wild lol.

Oh! and tomorrow's gonna be the best day I'm going to a spa and they have like 34 different sauna's and I'm getting a facial and a massage and a Rasul and oh can't wait! tell ya all about it laters.

gee almost forgot :o  I'm wearin' a H&M maxi skirt, converse all stars white duh, and my new Naketano sweater.
lottalottalovee xoxo

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